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  1. Accounting

    1. What does bandwidth usage and bandwidth limit refer to in my invoice?
    2. How are overages billed?
    3. Will I be notified if my credit card fails?
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  2. Abuse

    1. My website has been blocked for abuse.
    2. What does MALWARE mean?
    3. What is Spam?
  3. AUP and TOS

    1. May I use your logo on my website?
  4. Portal Information

    1. Where can I manage the DNS for my domain?
    2. How can I edit my domain's contact information?
    3. How can I make my domain secure?
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  5. Sales

    1. Setup automatic recurring payment
    2. Do you charge sales tax?
    3. When will I be billed?
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  6. Moodle

    1. How to upload a file to Moodle using FTP?
    2. How can I add names of non-editing teachers in course descriptions?
    3. I have set up course prerequisites but my students can still access the second course before they have finished the first course?
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  7. General Business

    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. May I visit the Vidya Mantra Datacenter?
    3. Vidya Mantra Portal Account overview
  8. General Support

    1. What is an IP?
    2. What is a Domain Name?
    3. What is DNS?
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  9. Moodle Hosting

    1. Do you offer any free trial with SaaS and Cloud plans?
    2. Do you offer third party plugins or themes with SaaS and Cloud hosting plans?
    3. I want to upgrade/downgrade to a new plan, will my payment be adjusted?
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  10. KeyToSchool

    1. Backup and Restoration Policy
    2. How can I check my total active users?
    3. How can I check my disk space?
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  11. MoodleThemes

    1. Moodle 2.X Theme Documentation
    2. Moodle 2.7 , 2.8 , 2.9 , 3.0 , 3.1 and 3.2 Theme Documentation
    3. How to install a new theme in Moodle?
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  12. MaharaThemes

    1. Where we can communicate the themes related issues?
    2. Can your themes be customized?
    3. Can your themes be resell?
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  13. MoodleTutor

    1. How can I access my Moodle Tutor product details?
    2. What URL should I use to access your training course?
    3. What is the minimum required bandwidth to stream video?
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  14. General FAQ

  15. About Moodle

    1. Is it possible for students to do self and peer assessment tasks in Moodle?
    2. How can teachers communicate with their students in Moodle?
    3. Who can create and edit activities and resources in courses?
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  16. Administration

    1. How do I enable/disable debugging?
    2. My site is stuck in maintenance mode.
    3. I have forgotten the admin password
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  17. Assignment

    1. Changing into a student role hides several options I had as a teacher
    2. Can I download all submitted assignment at once?
    3. Do students receive notification about assignment submissions?
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  18. Authentication

    1. Where are user's details stored?
    2. How is the "No login" authentication method used?
    3. How do I enable the "Create new account" button on the login page?
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  19. Backup and restore

    1. Restore stops with the message "Trying to restore user XXXXX from backup file will cause conflict"
    2. What data is not containes in course backups?
    3. How do I restore a course?
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  20. Blocks

    1. How to I make a block "sticky"?
    2. How do I hide front page blocks from non-logged-in users?
  21. Blogs

    1. How can blogs be disabled completely?
    2. How can I see all the blog entries associated with a particular course?
    3. How can I see the blog of a particular person?
  22. Book

    1. Why there are only two levels in the book resource?
    2. How can I enable teachers to export a book to IMS content package?
    3. What is the Book resource in Moodle?
  23. Calendar

    1. How can I show more upcoming events in calendar?
    2. Why do events without duration shows on the first day of every month?
  24. Chat

    1. How can I enable guests to participate in a chat activity?
  25. Choice

    1. Can I use image or other file types as choice options instead of text?
    2. How can I enable users to participate in a front page choice activity?
  26. Course

    1. Some of my courses have the course summaries showing but some only have an information icon. Why?
    2. How do I add the names of non-editing teachers to my course descriptions?
    3. How do I remove the teachers' name from my course descriptions?
  27. Database

    1. How can I prevent students from adding entries in database?
    2. How can I delete a file attached to a database entry?
    3. How can I create a database in which students can only view their own entries?
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  28. Enrolment

    1. How do I prevent students from enrolling themselves in a course?
    2. What is enrolment?
  29. Feedback

    1. I do not seee the Edit question tab. What should I do?
    2. Feedback activity is not shown under add an activity menu.
    3. How can I allow non-logged in users to give feedback?
  30. File

    1. How can I show the size of a file on the course page?
    2. If I upload a file in one course, can I use it in another course as well?
    3. How can I change the top frame size when displaying a file in a frame?
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  31. File picker

    1. Is there a way to delete files from the file picker?
    2. Can I have my own file storage area?
    3. Who can access the file I uploaded?
  32. File system repository

    1. I already have a folder called "repository" on my server. Why do I need to make another one?
    2. Is there a way to upload files to a File system repository from inside Moodle?
    3. How can the order in which repositories are listed in the file picker be changed?
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  33. Filters

    1. Why is my filter not working?
    2. How do I enable filters?
    3. What are filters?
  34. Forum

    1. How can I quarantine a forum post?
    2. How can I receive forum emails in digest form?
    3. Why the students in separate groups are not able to post reply to a forum discussion started by the teacher?
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  35. Front page

    1. How can I prevent activities I made on the front page being seen in the navigation block?
    2. How can I change the logo on front page?
    3. How can I add text and a picture to the centre column?
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  36. Glossary

    1. How can i prevent glossary auto-linking in a quiz?
    2. How can I exempt individuals words from auto-linking to a Glossary entry?
    3. How can I enable glossary auto-linking in uploaded HTML files?
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  37. Import and export

    1. How do I export a list of users?
    2. How do I import users?