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How can I pay for Moodle Hosting plan at Key to School?

Here's how you can sign up and purchase a plan with KeyToSchool:

  1. Click on the Buy button besides the plan you want to sign up for. We offer hassle free upgrades so feel free to make a choice!

  1. Once you click on Buy, the next screen will ask you to enter your own domain or register one with us. You can also proceed with the third option, which is FREE!. If you are looking to use your own custom sub-domain, just enter your domain and drop a message to our sales team -

  1. Once you enter your site's URL you’ll be taken to the next screen, which will ask you whether you want to continue shopping or checkout. You may also review your cart here as well.

  1. Once you click on checkout, you’ll be taken to the next screen which will ask you  to create an account or login and choose a payment method to complete your order.

Click on Complete order to make the payment and you are all set! The plan will be made active soon after the payment is registered on our system.

Vidya Mantra will also send an email to your registered email address containing all the information about your Moodle plan and your customer portal.

You can also reach out to our sales team at - for any updates.
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