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How can I install a third-party plugin or theme in my Moodle site?

You can explore the wide-range of plugins offered by developer from all around the world here -

Below you will find how you install a third-party plugin or theme in your Moodle site.

  1. Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Install plugins

  2. Simply double click on the box or drag and drop your zip file in the box and click continue

  3. Once you click on continue, Moodle will validate the plugin, if successful, Moodle will ask you to continue

  4. The next page will be the Plugin Check page, (this is also where all the plugins requiring your attention will be shown), simply scroll down and continue

  5. The next will let you know if your plugin has been installed successfully on your Moodle site. Click continue to complete the installation process.

Plugin installations are restricted in our KTS plans

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