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How to manage DNS of your Domain Name ?

In the DNS manager, you can add, edit, and delete zone recrd for your domain names registered with us, registered elsewhere and hosted with us.

To manage it:

1. Go to your Vidya Mantra Portal .
2. Then navigation to Domains > Manage DNS .
3. Then click on ‘Add Zone’ button. And specify your “Zone Name” i.e domain name and I.P which you need to take from us. You can raise ticket to simply get your IP address. And then click “Add Zone” button.

4. After adding zone you can add further details of it by clicking on the domain name link in the table.

Zone file organize the zone record for domain names and subdomains in a DNS server. The most common records contained in a zone file are start of authority (SOA), nameserver, mail exchange, host and CNAME.

  • Start of Authority (SOA) - Required for every zone record, t contains caching information, the zone administrator’s email address and the master name server for the zone. SOA also contains a number incremented with each update. As this number updates, it triggers the DNS to reload the zone data. 
  • Name Server (NS) - It contains the name server information for the zone. 
  • Mail Exchange (MX) -  The MX record provides the mail server information for that zone to deliver email to the correct location. 
  • Host (A) - Uses the A record to map an IP address to a host name.  
  • Canonical Name (CNAME) - It is a alias for a host. 
  • Text (TXT) - This is an informational record. Use it for additional information about a host or for technical information to servers. 
  • Service Records (SRV) - They are resource records used to identify computers hosting specific services.
  • AAAA - AAAA records store a 128-bit Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address that does not fit the standard A record format.


For adding new record

Choose files or drag and drop files
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