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Backup and Restoration Policy

We know how important data is for everyone, especially for educators.

Below are details about our Backup and Restoration Policy



We backup database daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily database backups are taken every night. We keep 7 copies of daily database backups in archive.

Weekly database backups are  taken on every Friday. We keep 5 copies of weekly database backups in archive.

Monthly database backups are taken on 1st of every month. We keep 60 copies of monthly database backups in archive.

Data:- This includes Moodle code, moodledata folder and all other misc files.

We backup data hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

Hourly data backups are taken at every 4th hour of the day. We keep 6 copies of hourly data backups in archive.

Daily data backups are taken every night. We keep 7 copies of daily data backups in archive.

Weekly data backups are  taken on 1,8,15,22 of every month. We keep 4 copies of weekly data backups in archive.

Monthly data backups are taken on 1st of every month. We keep the last 3 copies of monthly data backups in archive.

There are certain things that are excluded from data backups. These are sessions, logs, backup, private, cache, temp, trashdir, upgradelogs folders and all files at root ( / ) level.


To restore data at any point, you can create a support ticket. Because restoration process involves manual work, we charge a flat fee of USD 100.

Our Recommendation

It is highly recommended that Automated course backup is enabled and configured. If you are doing custom development, performing advance operations on database, installing/upgrade Moodle or addons, always keep a backup. If you are planning to make lot of bulk changes in a course, always backup your course before and after making changes.

It should be noted that during our Restoration process, a database cannot be restored partially. Although, it is possible to create a mirror from backups and restore selectively using Moodle backup-restore.

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