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How to upload a file to Moodle using FTP?

To transfer or upload files from your computer to the server, you need a software called "FTP Client". One which is easy to use and free is FileZilla. Use   to download this software.

Steps to upload a file:

1. Open FileZilla
2. Enter the hostname, ftp username and password of your Moodle site.
3. Then click 'Quickconnect' button to connect to the server.

4. When server is connected you can see all your Moodle files. As you can see in the screenshot below 'moodledata' folder.

Note** - 1. The KTS clients can only access 'moodledata folder'.

             2. The clients at SaaS and  KTM can access all folders such as httpdocs, moodledata, mod, theme, etc .

Example - I want to create a folder in moodledata/repository with the name 'teacher' and upload two files 'file.docx' and 'images.jpg' which I can later access within Moodle.


5. You'll see in the screenshot below that I am inside the repository folder. I have double clicked on the 'moodledata' folder and then accessed the  'repository' folder and created a folder  named 'Teacher' by right clicking on the column which is on the right side bottom of the screen and then selecting make directory .

6. In the screenshot below I drag and drop two files named 'icon.png' and 'splash.png' inside the teacher directory. After a successful upload, these two files will be accessible within Moodle.

7. Once done, click on the dropdown arrow besides 'Quickconnect' button and click clear history and click quickconnect bar to erase the FTP details (Security purpose).

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