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What is nameservers and how can I manage it (nameservers)?

A nameserver translates domain names into IP addresses. It makes it possible for a user to access a website by typing in the domain name instead of the website's actual IP address. Each domain name must have at least two nameservers listed when the domain is registered. These name servers are commonly named and, where "servername" is the name of the server. the first server listed is the primary server, while the second is used as a backup server if the first server is not responding.

To manage your nameservers:

1) Logged in your Vidya Mantra Portal .

2) Go to Domains > My domains .

3) Select the domain from the table and with selected drop down choose “Manage Nameservers”.



4) In the text box, enter the name of the new name server and click change Nameservers.



Please note Domain Name server changes may take 24-36 hours to update throughout the internet.

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