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How can I access my Moodle Tutor product details?

You can check your Moodle Tutor product details at Vidya Mantra Portal

When you purchased Moodle Training you get a moodle tutor hosted site for 1 year  totally free for practicing plus a student account at Moodle tutor training site .

1)For details go to Services > My services  .
2)You get two products listed :

     a)KeyToSchool - KTS100MT product   - it is a free moodle hosting site for 1 year. To View details click on “View details” button. You will get   your site URL, username, password, disk space usage and Moodle users.

b) Enrollment details of Moodle teacher training course - You will get a student enrollment in training course for 3 months. To View details click on “View details” button. You will get your access details such as URL, username and password.

Moreover you can check your enroll status from Management Actions > Enroll status.

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