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Vidya Mantra Portal Account overview

The Account Overview screen of the Vidya Mantra can be accessed by choosing the “Home” link on the menu bar.
1) An Overview of the account information is available on the screen, showing:

  • Number of Product/Services
  • Number of Domains
  • Number of Support Tickets
  • Number of Referred Signups
  • Billing Information

2) Domain availability check- You can check availability for a new domain, transfer your domain or can order new hosting service also.

3) You can see number of  “Overdue Invoices”. Overdue invoices are those due invoices which are not paid till the due date. You can also pay it by clicking on the link “Pay Now”.

4) Number of Open Support Tickets
It shows ticket date, department, subject, status, and last updated. You can also open new ticket by clicking on the link “Open New Ticket

5) It shows number of Due Invoices. Due Invoices are those invoice which the customer has to pay in future. Due invoices table shows the invoice number, date, due date, total amount, status. To see more about invoice you can click on “View Invoice” button. You can also pay the invoice from here by simply selecting the invoice and click on “Pay selected” or you can select all invoices together and click on “Pay All” button.

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