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How do I backup a course?

A course can be saved with some or all of its parts by using the course backup.

To backup a course:

  1. Go to Settings > Course administration > Backup
  2. Initial settings - Select activities, blocks, filters and other items as required then click the Next button. Users with appropriate permissions, such as administrators and managers, can choose whether to include users, anonymize user information, or include user role assignments, user files, comments, user completion details, course logs and grade history in the backup.
  3. Schema settings - Select/deselect specific items to include in backup then click the Next button
  4. Confirmation and review - Check that everything is as required, using the Previous button if necessary, otherwise click the 'Perform backup' button
  5. Complete - Click the Continue button
A backup file (with distinctive .mbz extension to avoid confusion with .zip files) is then saved in the course backup area. You can download it to save locally.
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