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How can i change the default words in Moodle?

The language editing interface in Settings > Site administration> Language > Language customization enables you to easily change any word or phrase used on the site. You may need to search through several files to find the word or phrase you are looking for. The file moodle.php contains a common site-wide phrases and admin.php contains many admin phrases.

Process has the following steps:

  1. Go to the Settings > Site administration > Language> Language customization page.
  2. Pick the language to customize from the pull down list and click on "Open language pack for editing".
  3. Click the "Check out strings to translator" button. This may take time to process.
  4. Click or Ctrl+Click to select files on the "Filter strings" interface. Notice files are grouped. For example, you will find the lesson strings under "mod" and moodle.php under core.
  5. After selecting the file(s), it is possible to use "string must contain" and other filters. For example, look at only string text that has "teacher" the file(s) you selected.
  6. Click "Save changes and continue editing" if you want to pick another filter or PHP file(s) to edit.
  7. Click "Save changes to the language pack" to save all changes you have made.
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