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How do I get around Moodle?

Use the Navigation block on the side of your page. From there you can go directly to any part of Moodle you have access to.

The navigation block has links which can be expanded or collapsed. When logged in, a regular user will see the following as default:

My home

This takes the user directly to their personal dashboard, sometimes known as My moodle


Site pages

This expands to show pages and resources available site wide, for example, user blogs and a calendar. Any items which have been added to the front page, such as resources/activities from the Main Menu block, or the Site News will also appear here. Other items depend on the role of the user, so an administrator will see reports and notes, for instance.


          Admin view                       Student view


My profile

This expands to allow regular users to view (and, if allowed, edit) their profile, view their forum posts, view and add and blog entries and messages and access their private files, providing these features have been enabled by the administrator. The administrator will also have a link here to Notes and Activity reports.



          Admin view                       Student view


My Courses

This expands to show courses the user is enrolled in. Note that an administrator sees this link as "Courses", which expands to the course categories. Once inside a course, the block expands to show each section of the course (which may be renamed as in the following screenshot)and items in that section.




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